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Zombie Sales Apocalypse: The Card Game

Zombie XXXXX Apocalypse™: The Card Game
Sometimes, a video-game as a training tool is a little too much. Sometimes all you want is a good, old fashion card game. Card games are great for practicing sales skills and fostering conversations among trainees. There are several versions of this card game available, Instructional Design, Generic Sales and even Retail sales. Plus, if you'd like a custom deck we can do that too!
Zombie Sales Apocalypse™: The Card Game is a fun, interactive way to use role-plays without having all the role-play hassles (the groans, the collusion among role-players and the disengagement of everyone but the role-players). This specially designed card game is great way to foster camaraderie and the exchange of knowledge, tips and insights that only seem to be generated in face-to-face interactions while having sale folks partake in a role-play without the usual drama and resistance that accompanies role-plays. 
The game consists of four types of cards. The first set is a series of blue role-play or Scenario Cards which can be customized to your organization. The second set is a group of Challenge Cards which players use to challenge other players making the opponents add information to their previous answer or requesting them to change a response. It adds a critical thinking element to the game. 
The third type are Voting Cards which allow players to vote on another player's answer indicating if they think the answer is right or wrong. The final set of cards are the Addition Cards which allow the players to add their own Scenarios Cards and really gets into higher-level thinking skills related to answering questions as the learners create their own scenarios and release them to other players. 
The highly customization game can be facilitated by someone from The Wisdom Learning Group, LLC or can be facilitated by your own team with just a little instruction.
Contact us if you are interested and we'd be happy to explain the process to you and describe how you can bring the game to your organization. With a little help from your folks, we'll design cards, create the scenarios and get the custom card decks to you in no time. 
Here is the link to Zombie SALES Apocalypse. This covers "generic" sales scenarios common in almost any sales situation. Opens in GameCrafter Link
If you are interested in sales related to retail banking (Teller, Customer Training) then this deck is for you.
Retail Sales--Zombie Financial Sales (Retail) Apocalypse. Remember, it's sales scenarios related to RETAIL banking.  Opens in GameCrafter Link.
On a completely different note: Zombie INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN Apocalypse is focused on instructional design and the creation of instruction. Great for teams who are designing instruction to play. Opens in a GameCrafter Link.